Oven - Memmert

Manufacturer and model: Memmert

  • Fuzzy-supported MLC (Multi-Level-Controlling) microprocessor controller adapting its performance to the volume (local temperature sensing) for each thermoshelf
  • Temperature measured through 4-wire Pt100 individually for each thermoshelf
  • Autodiagnostic system with fault indication
  • Digital 7-day-programme-timer with real time clock, precise minute setting, for one set value or start of ramp operation
  • Integrated timer for tempering and pressure (vacuum) profiles of up to 40 ramps, each segment adjustable from 1 min up to 999 hours
  • Multifunctional programming via menu on 8-digit alphanumeric digital display (language to be chosen via set-up)
  • Digital display (LED) of all set parameters, such as temperature, weekdays, time, pressure, programme status and set-up values
  • Separate LED symbol for each thermoshelf in operation
  • Actual temperature of each thermoshelf to be made visible separately on digital display
  • Resolution of display for set value 0,1 °C below 99,9 °C, 0,5 °C above 100 °C; for actual value 0,1 °C
  • Long-term logging (ring store) of all relevant data, GLP-conforming as data logger - 1024 kB
  • Parallel printer interface (incl. real-time clock with date function) for printing logging files, suitable all PCL3-compatible ink-jet printers (USB available via converter, see accessories)
  • USB interface including MEMMERT Software "Celsius" for control and documentation of temperature and pressure
  • Chip card control incl. one MEMoryCard XL with 32 kB (up to 40 ramps)
  • Nitrogen gas flow with a timer

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